1. Lakeview Area Museum Summerfest Open House


As the Lakeview Summerfest is next weekend, we would like to invite everyone to visit the museum. We will be open on Friday, June 15th and Saturday, June 16th from 10:00 to 5:00, except during the parade on Saturday which will be approximately from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. We are always adding more artifacts to our displays. So even if you have seen the museum in the past, you will find more interesting things to look at.

A canopy tent will be set up outside with iced lemonade and tea as well as cookies and cakes for your enjoyment. The baked goods that will be offered are from recipes that came from one of our past church's cookbook from the early 1900's and a Lakeview Child Study Club cookbook from the 1960's. They feature favorite recipes from the local ladies of those times. This is all free, but we welcome donations.

It's always good to remember our past as we look forward to the future. Our museum committee has been looking forward to the future, also. We look for ways to keep improving what the museum can offer to our community. In the process of doing this, we looked at our museum's past and how it was organized. We saw that in 1995 a few local citizens saw a need to provide a place where the area's history could be preserved and shared, where people could see how Lakeview grew and is what it is today. In appreciation of their efforts to create a local museum, a plaque has been made to recognize them and will be placed in a prominent place in the museum.

Since the museum began, the amount of artifacts and history collected has grown to the extent that we are growing out of our current museum building which is the old waterworks pump house. We would like to raise funds to expand in some way; and since the museum was organized for the sake of our community, we would ask that you join us in this endeavor. If anyone has any ideas or can help us, please feel free to contact us at (989) 352-7304.

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