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My muse this week is a song I heard Friday night. It was a beautiful night and me and my husband decided to ride around, and do a little shopping. It was warm and the sun was setting, the sky was a pretty pink and purple. Even though it was warm you could feel fall and see shimmers of color here and there on some of the trees that peppered the hills.........

A little too soon for me, but I embrace it happily. I was embracing all of life when this song began to play by “Nothingmore” called “Go to war.” This song chills you out and rocks you out giving you a good mix. I immediately connected to the song, the tones of his voice and the drums that kept you from setting perfectly still was awesome. It is getting harder and harder to find really good rock songs, and when I find one I thoroughly enjoy it and share it. I love songs that mean something. So many songs fail lyrically. I will be sharing the lyrics and I strongly recommend that all who read this listen to it.

I find it fascinating how we connect with songs. Songs have a feeling with them. They have the ability to make you happy, sad, energetic, romantic and a hundred other things. It truly is magical how a song “words to music” can stay with us all of our lives. I consider songs to be musical time capsules. Everyone has a song that is special to them, everyone has a song that sparks memories that were dead and buried until hearing that song play again. Just like a time capsule can hold things to be remembered, the right song can open a capsule for you. Very similar to authors who write stories where we breath life into characters, musicians are authors who write songs and breath life into them. I had a “moment” which is what I call it when you are enveloped with a good little feeling, warm and cheery. A rushing sense of gratitude that overwhelms you, at that moment it feels as though everything in the universe is as it should be. I enjoy those moments. All the elements were perfect for that moment when I heard this song. The song reminds you there is far to much war going on, in our own homes, families, on the playground, in churches, races, in our country and all over the world. We all can relate to that. I wrote a poem recently and I am choosing to share it this week and will end the blog with the song.

People problems, People problems
Everywhere that you go
People problems, People problems
Drowning my soul

Multitudes of adults acting like kids
fighting on the playground
They do not know how to be peaceful, they do not know how to be sound
They wear their hate like a crown

Entitlement attitude
Everywhere that you go today
Arrogance is the flame
Selfish, vain and rude
Choosing to stay the same
Sucking on the racist tit
keeping the fires lit
Continuing to rage
Feeding the Beast
Wild animals should be in a cage

Betrayal and hidden motives
Contradictions unfolding
Peace is so hard to obtain
When you are surrounded by the insane

The choice is to offend, and accept offense
Death they send
They fight about race
The moronic they embrace

They feed the Beast, making it larger
Instead of killing it, they make it stronger
Their hate is conjured

The fire has been lit
Arrogance is the flame
They stay the same
This is it
Blazing hatred, fanning the embers of hate
Trouble and chaos they crave
Death they create

If our forefathers could see
They would weep
Mouths they cannot keep
Perverting freedom
They are Ignorant

Commonsense is Elusive
the Beast is abusive
raging in the earth
Devastating and causing hurt
Salting the wounds
Inviting doom
Too stupid to see


They feed the Beast, making it larger
Instead of killing it, They make it stronger
Their hate is conjured

Comprehension has failed their ears
Learning nothing over the years
Repeating insanity
All for vanity
Living in the past, keeping it alive
Spewing lies
Ignoring cries

There is no mercy with the Beast
He has many to join him in the feast
We made the meal
Inviting the Beast to steal
inviting the Beast to kill
Blood he spills

Lets wake up and see
Lets let people be
Lets kill the Beast
So we together can be free

Now is words of wisdom
for this season
Now is the time
Time to unite
So we can survive
Fight for life
Appreciate our freedoms
Not use it as a reason to hate more
Lets stop being the Beasts whore!

GO TO WAR by Nothingmore

I don't know what you had in mind
But here we stand on opposing sides

Lets go to war
Lets go to war

We arm ourselves
with the wrongs we have done
name them off
one by one

Lets go to war
lets go to war

Everything you say
Everything you do
Push it in
And you cut me down
And you cut me down

War War War

Screaming at the ones we love
Like we forgot who we can trust
Screaming at the top of our lungs
On the grounds where we feel safe

Do we feel safe 2x

Hush my baby make no sound
maybe we can wait each other out

Its a cold war
Lets go to war

With every settled score
I thought that fighting with, meant fighting for

But you turn it around
War War War

Chorus again
Do we feel safe
Do we feel safe
Do we feel safe

Do we censor
Do we flow
Are we drunk on chemicals
Every feeling in my bones
tells me to lash out
And tell you to f*** off!

You've got my heart
I've got your soul
But are we better off alone
With every battle, we lose a little more
remember everything that we die for
You are everything that I die for

Chorus 4x

Do we feel safe
Do we feel safe
Do we feel safe
do we feel safe
Do we feel safe
Do we feel safe
Do we feel safe
Do we feel safe
Do we feel safe


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