6. A Little Cooperation Big Harvest of Blessing

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What do you do with a young squirrel who keeps his neighbors awake each night because of his constant snoring? As the cold winds blow, ushering in winter, young Rusty ventures into the deep forest where he searches frantically for his parents who have disappeared. He also works himself into exhaustion gathering in an ample winter supply of seeds, nuts, and berries for his family. As Rusty's neighbors are growing crankier due to lack of sleep, they decide something has got to be done. Go on this lively adventure through the deep dark forest to find the solution to their problem. ............


Christine Gilliam Hornback is a wife of thirty seven years and a mother of two boys. Christine home schools her children and is a #1 Bestselling Author. She has eight published books. She is also an Artist, Art Instructor, Speaker, Spiritual Midwife and Owner at Birthing Your Dream Self-Publishing Author Services. Christinne is active in her local church where she had directed the Women’s Ministry for 15 years. Christine stepped out of the Director’s role when she began ministering more and more through her writings, Inspirational speaking, and art. She has been a member of (WWW) Women, Weapons, of Warfare a Global Prayer Ministry. She has encouraged and taught others as she has spoken at annual ministry conferences, churches, women’s retreats, home school groups, local libraries, and community centers. Christine is also a regular blogger and a weekly contributor to Lakeview Times Online Magazine and Newspaper.

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