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Kickin' Cancer  David N Schaap Inc

For those of you who are not familiar with us....We are a Non-profit organization located in Lakeview, MI. We are a family that was given the news that our family had cancer, Multiple Myeloma. After major surgery, chemo, radiation, and two stem cell transplants we have been in remission for over 8 years! We wanted to give back to the people in our community, church, and family that helped us so much during the treatment process so we have formed this organization. We give back 100% of all proceeds to families going through cancer treatment in MONTCALM County only. The family doesn't have to fill out endless papers, no proof of income is needed, and they can use the money for what they need it for. The only thing we ask from them is to let people know about us and our cause. So please share this page to everyone you know, as we are only able to do this type of work with donations from family, friends, and businesses! thank you!

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