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Glady's The Tamarack Goose Returns
by Dallas Ford Lincoln

Spring came late to Lake Tamarack and those who had traveled south for the winter had to delay their trip back that year. All the animals who stayed year around anxiously awaited the return of their friends whom they had not seen for many months. Because of the late spring thaw their wait was even longer than usual....

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Mazy's High Flying Adventure
by Christine Gilliam Hornback

Mazy has dreamed of flying alongside flocks of Canadian Geese as they soar through the skies every fall and winter. However, she realizes that she is at a great disadvantage of being just an ordinary farm duck. She feels she is entirely too weak and small to ever fly such long distances. She also would never want to leave her owner Marylou as Mazy loves her very much! Come with Mazy as she receives a surprise that will take her on a High Flying Adventure of a life time....

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MARVELOUS MICHIGAN! An Unexpected Logging Camp Adventure
by James Tanis

Siblings Jamie and Heidi head to the library to find a summer read, but end up in the library basement. They find a magical book that transports them back in time to a Muskegon, Michigan logging camp owned by the famous lumber baron, Charles Hackley!
How will the children fit in with these rough and tough lumberjacks? What will Charles Hackley do with them? How will the kids return to their own time, if ever?
Join Jamie and Heidi on their first adventure in Muskegon when the white pine was king!....

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