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Finding My Life Through the Children's Home by Janet L. Mancini

I am an adopted child. I was adopted along with my twin brother Christmas Day 1958. I was placed in a Children's Home and seperated from all my family except my twin brother. My birth mother made the right decision placing us there. She died a few days later. i have been blest with a wonderful life and with two parents who loved me unconditionally. I wanted to write my book to help others to find theirn roots to understand whom they really are.....

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I Do by Kiersten Hall

If you will ever be, or ever have been part of planning a wedding, you must read this book. Kiersten Hall writes a delightfully entertaining recount of the matrimonial ceremony from her unique perspective as a Wedding Videographer....

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Shortcut to Success by Bob Huttinga

Reading this book might help you repair that broken elevator, but if you do have totake the stairs, there are only three easy-to-understand steps to success in family, occupation, recreation, health, and money. Many people will say there is not shortcut to success. They say you have to work hard. But you will learn that you can get ahead more quickly when you have a travel guide to help you clear past, outdated memories, clarify your goals, and see the future correctly, making your life an enjoyable, pleasant journey....

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Mind Control by
Joseph Daeges

Mind control plays an integral role in modern society, manipulating the population into specific actions or behavior by reducing each individual’s ability to make independent choices—and it is all done covertly.

This manipulation isn’t always negative. Drivers stop at red lights because they have been conditioned to do so. This benevolent form of mind control helps save lives.

The techniques of mind control are tools to be used for good or evil as those wielding them see fit. Unfortunately, as Joseph Daeges makes clear, manipulative individuals and groups can use mind control to bend the populace to their will, removing choices and free will so deftly that those affected never notice. This is the dictator’s use of mind control, and its effects can be devastating.

In Mind Control The Invisible Forces, Daeges explores the tactics and motivations of those who use mind control, what mind control accomplishes, and who benefits. Discover who is most susceptible to mental manipulation and how parents can protect the most vulnerable citizens of all—children.

Mind Control The Invisible Forces is a bold, controversial examination of a phenomenon that affects us all. Discover how easily we can be manipulated.....

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An Unusual Journey by
Joseph Daeges

"Author William Smith and his family spent several miserable years in a cult. His escape and awareness of the gravity of his condition inspired him to share his cult experiences. In his book, "An Unusual Journey" (published by Xlibris), Smith educates the public about the real nature of cultism and other closed societies.

"An Unusual Journey" warn readers against the dangers of being tricked into joining a closed society through the story of the Smith family that joined a cult in Canada. It was not long before Smith's parents discovered that cultism is not really the paradise that the cult members led them to believe. It was a horrible place where children lived an isolated, traumatic existence and suffered molestations and other forms of abuses.

Told with honesty and courage, "An Unusual Journey" is a compelling account of a man's personal struggles of living in a cult, his escape and journey to recovery. It explains the general ideologies behind cult formation and describes how its leaders get vulnerable adults to join their ranks.

Through his book, Smith wants to raise reader awareness so they will be on guard against cult influence. "I want the readers to realize the consequences of cultism or closed group society especially when children are involved. I hope that they will be inspired to do what they can to combat the evils of these societies," he said.".....

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Is this life the threshold of Heaven by
Joseph Daeges

This book is a personal study and vision of Life, Death and Heaven. It is trying to pierce the unknown universe reserved to us after we travel true the Gate of Dead. This book is not a macabre book however a depiction I should say a personal study about what we all have to experiment one day. We are govern by natural law from the day love found us and we were born on this Earth. This Universe finds balance regulated by the phenomenon of time submitted to a specific guide. No one can escape the Gate of Death just like any one of us have chosen to see the light of this Earth. We were created by love, we depend on love at young age for a later time procreate ourselves by love......

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