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New 6.Precious Thanksgiving Memories!

Isn’t it amazing that we are in the month of Thanksgiving already? The year has simply flown by and I personally have much to be thankful for. I am thankful that I am rich! I am in rich in blessings! Have you ever just taken the time to think about what you have that many others may not have? Are you thankful or grateful for your blessings? Today, I wanted to be thankful for precious memories! Do you know for some people, they feel as though memories are all they have left? Memories are God’s blessing to us to help us to feel close to those who may not be sitting at our Thanksgiving Table this year. We’ve all experienced those first Holidays without our loved ones. It is rough and we become broken before the Lord. Only the Lord can heal a broken heart. Only He can comfort us in our brokenness.I do not want this article to be a downer, but instead an encouragement to you! Memories are a way to always keep our loved ones with us, and I have some wonderful Thanksgiving memories with my family that I wanted to share! ...............

What do you do with a young squirrel who keeps his neighbors awake each night because of his constant snoring? As the cold winds blow, ushering in winter, young Rusty ventures into the deep forest where he searches frantically for his parents who have disappeared. He also works himself into exhaustion gathering in an ample winter supply of seeds, nuts, and berries for his family. As Rusty's neighbors are growing crankier due to lack of sleep, they decide something has got to be done. Go on this lively adventure through the deep dark forest to find the solution to their problem.

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Enjoy ‘A Night Among the Stars’ at MCC

SIDNEY – Join Montcalm Community College instructors Cheryl Meyer and Don Adkison for “A Night Among the Stars” Nov. 11 from 6 to 9 p.m. Learn about owl habitat and behaviors, then walk the Kenneth J. Lehman Nature Trails looking and listening for creatures of the night. Participants will return to Circle Drive to learn about common constellations. A campfire and s’mores will be provided early in the evening. Dress appropriately for the weather; attendees may want to bring flashlights with the ends covered in red plastic wrap and blankets. Please meet in room A138 in the Stanley P. Ash Building on MCC’s Sidney campus. For more information, email, call 989-328-1270 or visit. ......