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Some definitions for you

Book Formatting -

Layout and Formatting. Formatting refers to the way you enter paragraph and line breaks, indents, spaces, typefaces and punctuation marks. By observing a few basic text-formatting rules, transforming the pages of your manuscript into a final book that looks attractive and professional.

Bleed -

It is very difficult to print exactly to the edge of a sheet of paper/card, so to achieve this, it is necessary to print a slightly larger area than is needed and then trim the paper/card down to the required finished size. Images, background images and fills which are intended to extend to the edge of the page must be extended beyond the trim line to give a bleed.

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Dead Traffic by Kimber Renee

Dead Traffic
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They called Cammy Tayler the voice of the dead. She remembers when she was seven years old and had her first encounter with spirit. Her Granny called it the “Magic.” They called Cammy Tayler the voice of the dead. She remembers when she was seven years old and had her first encounter with spirit. Her Granny called it the “Magic.” Her Granny had it too and introduced her to a mirror that would assist her in her communications. Spirit that wanted to share their stories could play it out on the mirror. Right out of high-school she began traveling to well known haunts with her assistant and best friend Zack Davis in an effort to collect stories from the spirits that were willing to share. See what she thinks of us.

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Laguna Jack and Monaco Don by Dallas Ford Lincoln

Dead Traffic
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A couple from Michigan receives an urgent phone call from a law firm in California informing them that they are sole beneficiaries of an estate belonging to a man they barely know and haven't seen in years.. Is this some kind of a scam? Come listen in on their phone conversations an a subsequent trip to find out what its all about. See what he says about us.

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Mr. McSorley's Mission by Dallas Ford Lincoln

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Mr. McSorley's Mission. A brief encounter of an old man and a young boy turns the old man's life of gloom and depression into a quest to give his new young friend a chance at a better life. In the process, the old man discovers something things about his own youth and a surprise that he hadn't bargained for. See what he says about us.

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Hell's Hallways by Kimber Renee

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Hell’s Hallways presents one question, what if there is an eternal life waiting for us. Amber Lee discovers the answer to this question and so much more as she takes a journey to the darkest place to ever exist, Hell. She remembers fondly of a time in her life when she considered God to be her friend, but she became jaded by religion and experience. Her bitterness leads her to a stripper pole and heroin yearning for acceptance. Eventually she overdoses and falls to the underworld. On her way she is taken on a journey of her life.....See what she thinks of us.

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Glady's Return by Dallas Ford Lincoln

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Gladys Returns is a continuation of the previous story about "Gladdie," called Gladys the Tamarack Goose. In the first story, Gladys was seriously wounded and couldn't fly south and winter was approaching. With help and encouragement from her "furry friends" she was able to leave with a flock of geese from Canada just in time to avoid a strong winter storm....See what he says about us.

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Eagle Feather Boy Chief by Dallas Ford Lincoln

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Eagle Feather Boy Chief is a story about a young Native American who has left his tribe in favor of living and working with his adopted “white” family at the local sawmill during the early logging years in Michigan. His father, chief of the tribe, is found murdered. By tradition, this means that Eagle Feather becomes the new tribal chief....See what he says about us.

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Our pricing and services breakdown

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Formatting or design help...Full formatting for Children's picture books or Chapter books...E-book formatting...Cover design


Self Publishing help with

Assisting with minor Cover Design formatting.
Minor adjustments of images.
Helping you with your book formatting (Making your book look like a book for the printer).
Help getting your book on to a self publishing site like kdp to get it published.

We charge $10 and hour to assist you with your efforts for a 3 hour minimum for $30.
If it is complicated we may direct you to our full formatting services listed below.
Pricing for full formatting services for Children's picture books, Chapter books with fewer images click on the links buy now

Formatting a childrens picture book

Our full service making your Childrens picture book look great in print. And assisting with the upload to the printer of your choice.

We charge a 6 hour minimum $10/hour (Getting your book to look great at the printers)
For a total of $60
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Formatting a Chapter book

Not only getting your Chapter book to look just right in print. We will even assist you in uploading the files to the printer of your choice.

12 hours minimum $10/hour (Getting your book to look great at the printers)
for a total of $120
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Convert your book into an E-Book
We take your word Document or PDF and convert it into a Mobi file ( a file specially designed for e-books). Or convert your word file to a pdf.
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Basic Service
custom cover creation
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services include
paperback or hard cover book cover full wrap
e-book cover
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All in
services include
A Book cover
E- Book cover
Book formating
Minor editing
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services include
A Cover
E-book cover
Book formating
Minor editing
Facebook page for your book
Entry in our online Bookstore
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The Scout Cabin by Dallas Ford Lincoln

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The Scout Cabin During World War II, can you imagine what must have happened when the folks in the village of Lakeville learned that German POWs were going to be working on farms in the area? With school out that summer of 1944, two young boys spend hours camping on an island and attacking an old Boy Scout cabin filled with imaginary evil forces. Little did they know that they would one day encounter and become captives of real enemy soldiers right in their own home town! Trunk in the Attic Looking in a closet for an antique Victrola in his grandparent’s attic, a young boy discovers an old steamer trunk he had never seen before........See what he says about us.

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Client Recommendations


Rebecca Ramm Engelbrecht

Greg Hetherington of Lakeview Times did an awesome job formatting my book cover and inside pages. He was able to put those finishing touches on that I couldnt figure out. He is affordable, works quickly, and does an excellent job. I was highly impressed and will be using him again on future projects.


Author Maureen Crofts

I would like to recommend Greg Hetherington for all the help he gave me in publishing my childrens picture book on Createspace My book is here .

He helped with the loading/bleeding the images and adding the text to the interior pages.

A very professional service.


Author Kimber Renee

This is to all who may want to write a book and get it published. I highly recommend that you give Greg a shot.

He has done both of my books Hells Hallways and Dead Traffic. You can see them at the end of my article in here and in his Book store.

I think all who see these covers can agree that he is creative and skilled at his craft. He collaborates with the customer and does his level best to give them the most awesome cover possible.

Everytime I look at my covers I am amazed. They pop on Amazon which is very important.

So if you are interested in getting a book out he is the man who can make it happen for you at a reasonable price. I am very happy with what he did with my books, and he will be my choice for future books I have. I would not consider anyone else that is how happy I am and you will be too.'


Author Dallas Ford Lincoln

For layout and design and formatting including the front and back covers I have had great success with Gregory Hetherington in this capacity.


Author Charlene laper

I highly recommend Greg Hetherington to aspiring authors as an excellent guide through the publishing process. I found him a patient and tireless consultant on cover design, format, etc., making himself willingly available through every step of the procedure. His goal is to assist his clients in achieving their expectations and his services are reasonable. See what she says about us.


L. Parker Roberts

Thank you so much, Greg Hetherington - my HERO! Finally, we are there! Please take a look at my new children's book on organ donation. The aim is to raise money for print versions so we can get it into schools and libraries around the world. Already in talks with translators...My book


#1 Bestselling Author Christine Gilliam Hornback

I highly recommend Greg Hetherington to Authors that need help publishing their books. Greg is very knowledgeable in self-publishing books. He has advised me several times in how to do my own. He is creative and uses that creativity to create beautiful book covers and formatted interiors that are outstanding. He goes the extra mile in that He has an online bookstore where Greg, then helps to promote the books that He’s helped to publish.


A satisfied customer

Recently I asked Greg to proof, format and check the appearance of a document I had done in the rough. He successfully reduced my 3 pages to an attractive 2 page layout. I will certainly use Greg's service again as I produce a newsletter and a Christmas Greeting Card....



ReduceAnn Re' Cycle Hearts Fill Up Phillip by Greg Hetherington and Colleen Bartlett

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Fill Up Phillip meets the love of his life ReduceAnn Re' Cycle........

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Fill Up Phillip by Greg Hetherington and Colleen Bartlett

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Do you know how to keep a garbage can alive? Just ask Phillip. Come on kids help Fill Up Phillip. This book teaches children the good things about Picking up garbage and recycling........

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Spring Brings Summer by Allistar Banks

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Summary: Swaying leaves on trees, warmer air, rising sun Spring brings summer play My hope is for this book to take you back to a place in time where you remember flowers blooming, birth, spending time at the beach, and Easter.........

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Rhythm and Rhymes by Charlene Laper

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Rhythms and Rhymes Rhythms and Rhymes is a short poetry collection. Some poems portray the author’s love of nature and her faith. One portion presents the poet’s early attempts at composing. The reader will also find humorous and whimsical writings as well as various types of verse with definitions.........

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My Parent's Spiritual Notes by Tiza Joseph Nyirenda

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This book is a collection of some of my late parent's Spiritual notes. My late Father, had a number of sermon books as a pastor, my late mom also left behind note books where she used to write Spiritual notes.........

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The Cemetery Road by Dallas Ford Lincoln

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A look back at childhood times in the 1940's in the small, rural village of Lakeville, Michigan. A time when children could stay out until dark and make their own fun and things to do. But a visit to the cemetery at night on Halloween? That just might be going too far........See what he says about us

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Cassie and The Sugarplum Fairy by Dallas Ford Lincoln

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When Cassie learns that the town's largest employer is closing its doors just prior to Christmas, she decides to do something about it. How can a little girl tackle a problem of this dimension? Find out how she (with the help of some fairies and elves) overcomes a seemingly hopeless situation proving that happy endings are possible when people work together.........See what he says about us

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