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Hells Hallways by Kimber Renee

Amber Lee was raised in a small country town known by the mail service as the bible belt. There was a time when she was a little girl that all of the Jesus and bible stuff gave her comfort. But experience and Pharisee’s ruined her little girl beliefs. It was just her and her mother. Her father walked out when she was two years old.......

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The Gang Bust by Dorothy May Mercer

This novel is meant for you. Sit back and get lost in a good old- fashioned read, You deserve a time-out. In this Mike McBride Novel, hero cop Det. Lt. Mike McBride brings about a successful raid on the West Coast Cartel, and breaks up a baby-kidnapping and smuggling ring stretching from the Governor's Mansion in New Mexico to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Mike becomes a nationally recognized hero and delivers a ringing speech in the Senate that will challenge any notions held about illegal immigration. Meanwhile, his family and friends' lives progress with success, fun, romance, childbirth and an exciting and surprise ending.......

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Planet Maya book 1 by Joseph Daeges

Planet Maya is a trilogy. It is a book about a haunted, cursed mansion. The mansion found many new owners at a bargain price. Every owner that purchased the said mansion did not have the courage to stay and confront the evil curse and strange things happening. Until Paul’s family decided to resolve the mysteries. This story comes with three different stages in three different books until the whole story is revealed..........

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Planet Maya Book 2 by Joseph Daeges

For a parent, there is nothing more terrifying than for their child to go missing. Daeges crafts a tale meant to demonstrate how the family's courage and coping strategies triumph over grim circumstances, but it lacks depth. Through the author's words, the reader understands that the wife is sad, the kids are scared, and the father is distraught, but their emotional states are not conveyed to a point where the reader connects with the characters. Despite this, the plot works as a compelling paranormal mystery. The history behind the mansion and its previous owners is intricate and appealing. In addition, Paul's investigation to find his son contains surprising revelation towards the end. This story will appeal to an audience of all ages who enjoy suspense within the paranormal genre..........

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Planet Maya Book by Joseph Daeges

Joseph Daeges, a poet, author, family-man, avid outdoorsman, and writer, has completed his newest book "Planet Maya: Book 3 Angelo Engages The Final Battle': the last book in his entertaining and thrilling, Planet Maya, series. "This is the last book of my sequels; in this sequel the reader will finally discover the faith of Angelo and his family," said author Joseph Daeges. Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Joseph Daeges' creative tale is a great science fiction work that intertwines strength, friendship, fear, war and love all into one suspenseful read. In the last sequel of Planet Maya the reader will discover how courage and determination were rewarded. The final victory was not granted instead it was the result of Angelo with the help of his best friends, Claire following step by step the will of a bad magician. For Paul, Henry and Harry family it was a reward for having tackle and work throughout difficult situation. For the entire precinct it was a gratification having use and deploy every element and tool available to solve this century mystery. For the entire town it became a sensational story that has been confirm to them at the town hall meeting...........

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