2. REDNECK WOMAN BEATER (nobody sweats you)

Five years I have known you-you worm

For five years you have infected everyone that you have come in contact with Like a germ

I have been begged to not turn my wrath on you

I have been begged to not turn my husband loose on you

The time finally came when I was able to scream at you with furious rage

Inviting you to come for a visit at last

So that we could whoop your ass

You like to make threats behind peoples back

But you twisted germ, you have no ball sack

To full-fill what you say

You are such a waste of space

I know all about the abuse

I know all about the excuse

That men like you have

For being a worthless piece of trash

I can only hope that she sees she can stand on her own

Leaving you with your sad sack all alone

We make no threats and now you know

Warnings is what you get



And we are able to show

Unlike you-you weak little worm

A pussy with skin

You are a disgrace to everyone especially the race of men

A man is not what you are, or ever will be

You REDNECK WOMAN BEATER are pathetic and a disease

The name of your disease is “Little dick syndrome”

You are a worthless bum

You have failed her and the children in every way

I thrashed you with my words

But REDNECK WOMAN BEATER when my husband gets you its gonna hurt

Then...you will need the drugs that you feed on to kill the pain

I will be laughing insane

Its been a looonnnggg time waiting for you

You went too far and ran your mouth and threatened the wrong ones

She may not want me to defend her, but I will defend US, as they say it is on

You hid like a little bitch



Did not live up to the words off of your lips

You did not think we would ever know

You REDNECK WOMAN BEATER are not only a coward but slow

The drugs burned your brain cells out of your head

To think we would not find out all that you said

When the people you bragged too were loyal to us

Your arrogance caused you to screw up

With many more times to come I am sure

You will offend and suffer plenty, until she finally kicks you to the curb

Stupid is your middle name

You should walk in shame

For all that those kids have been forced to see over these years

No more tears from me

You will feel my release

You have failed to provide

Too busy getting high



You have failed to protect

You chose to be a redneck

You are a compulsive liar, a walking contradiction

You feed on drugs, alcohol and stupid is your affliction

You want to talk about your name as if it is “the shit”

I do not care whose crotch you came out of...You are a selfish cowardly prick

I never heard of your name till five years ago

Your name means nothing, You will reap what you sow

My voice is not silent anymore

You worthless whore

You had nothing to say back to me on the phone

But yet you make threats like you are bad to the bone

I begged you to come for a visit

To make good on your threat

You REDNECK WOMAN BEATER are a pathetic mess

A worthless piece of human shit

Sadly a woman is all you have the balls to hit



Does it make you feel good that a FOUR YEAR OLD IS SCARED OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot wait till my husband confronts you

HOW DARE YOU claim to love them with that condescending mouth of yours

Your ass will hit the floor

You are a punk ass bitch

Who deserves to be in prison choking on a dick!!!!!!

That's coming soon too

A warrant chasing you

But like little bitches do, you hide from everyone and everything

You evade

You crave

You steal

You do not feel

Oh but You will

Trust me on that

The consequence is tattooed on your ass

All you have to do is get some liquid courage in ya

And come see us



Our address has not changed

It is still the same

We will teach you a lesson long deserved

You worthless weak-ass little worm

I did not ask for this battle it was brought to me

I despise drama, but the consequence you will see

Everyone has a hard-on for telling me about all of the drama induced bullshit

Even when I don't want to know

No don't do anything people cry,

I poured a bucket of fuck-it on it

Not this time

I don't play crow

That’s your job to blow

Another reason you should be in prison

You blow like a pro with those lips

That is all that you can do with them

You REDNECK WOMAN BEATER are utterly and completely useless



I say all of this and more with a grin

You have given me many reasons

To defend

Get brave be accountable for the first time in your pathetic life

Oh that's right

You cant fight

Unless it is the opposite sex

You weak-ass REDNECK!!!!!!!!!!

You have infected my soul for five years

I have cried many tears

Know things, but I could not do anything

With promises being made

She would leave your pansy ass

No more restraints

She is aware

The beast has been turned loose

Righteous anger will be turned up on your wicked ass!!!!!!

I have bit my tongue off to keep the peace



I have prayed my guts out to keep from putting hands on you

You were fortunate that we never walked in on anything

or this poem would not exist and you would not be free

Free to get high

Free to lay on your ass and whine

Free to condescend with your arrogance

Free to fill children with hate, terror and resentment

If we ever walked in on anything

You would be a prison bitch right now instead of free!!!!

Passed around like a joint

Am I making my point

You are a weak ass punk is all that I see!!!

My last words

Screaming at you


You heard

You said NOTHING and did NOTHING

That is the proof

You are a Turd



Floating around in your stinking bowl of life

Always stirring up stink

Looking to the weak for a fight

Congratulations you found a strong one

Now come get some

We are just two of many who have marked your goofy ass

Two of many who want to whoop your pussy ass

You have been marked

And if you were smart

You would either take it like a man for the first time in your stinking and pathetic life

Or get out of this town and take flight

Go to your family and cry

The same tired song you have always sung

Let them continue to enable you to be a worthless bum.

You are only a redneck

To the opposite sex

Nobody that can hold their own

You are scared when it comes to those



You have disrespected far to many

You are so weak and puny

Many reprieves you were given

That escaped your polluted mind

You are not forgiven

For your selfish crimes

You have chosen a side

And its not the side of light

You chose darkness

That will remain your plight

When you are getting high

The visuals of a scared little FOUR YEAR OLD are playing in my mind

While you are getting high and flapping your lips

The visual playing in my mind is your dirty hands wrapped around this WOMAN'S neck!!

While you are getting high and making threats that you cannot keep

I am wishing you had balls and a backbone and come and see



Come see little bitch what is waiting for you

You wanted it, do what you say you will do

You have been a thorn in her side

and a pain in my ass

You hide behind your lies

And you have zero class

But atlas you have bitten off more than you can chew

And now the mad dog is after you

I cant escape the visuals you conjured for me

Through others telling me the awful things that I see

With rage I seethe

Like a hungry lion

And you are my prey

I am waiting for the day

That we can teach you some southern manners and respect

To put your pathetic attitude in check

Many lions are roaring after you, wanting a taste

We lick our lips waiting for the day

When the feast can be attained



And you will feel some of the pain

You afflicted onto others, that were too weak to defend themselves

This is one lesson that you REDNECK WOMAN BEATER WILL NOT FAIL

Because we will be your teachers of the school of life

There are consequences for words and actions, you should have picked your battle wise

But you just thought you could continue to do and say what you wanted and scathe by

WRONG You asked for this fight

It is a sad sorry mess that you created

You made your bed REDNECK WOMAN BEATER now lay in it!!!!!!

You steal the child's voice

You steal their choice

Because sadly adults want to threaten them not to tell

Their dirty business

It makes me furious

I made sure they knew we were here for them



Over and over again

Just text me I said

I will be there in five minutes

Why did they not tell us

Because of the threats by people that are screwed up!

By people that instead of having their back, threw them under the bus

When they did speak up!!!!!!

It breaks my heart that they could not trust

You will suffer for all of this

You worthless DICK

Believe that


No apology will be big enough

To prevent us

I do not encourage my husband to scrap

But you created an itch that needs scratched

They could not share that their mother was being beat up



Because of stupid adults telling them to shut up

All to protect your junkie, alcoholic ass


So the adults can evade responsibility, and get high

This too is a crime

But unfortunately the children have done the time

The excuses that adults give is sickening to me

While the kids emotionally bleed

The adults justifying and throwing them under the bus are despicable to me

All because they do not want to own their responsibility

Its the victim sing a long and the blame game saga

That will not be forgotten

But Oh no -No truth please

Or you are the enemy

Their voice has been stolen

They are left broken

But that is OK

But don't ever say



That I am wrong

I want to keep singing the song

That helps me sleep at night

Overlooking what is right


Thankfully you have never touched the kids

You would have already been dealt with

Emotional abuse has been their lives

While you get high

And come home and proceed to be a big billy bad-ass

Being a continuous nag

Till emotions escalate

And violence takes place

Creating more memories for them to erase

STOP hiding and come and see us!!!

STOP hiding behind the kids who have seen too much

Man up!

So tired of men not being men



Thinking of you makes me cringe

In disgust

Man up and shut up!

And watch what that little member speaks

You are so weak

I am purging this out of my soul

No more energy given to a fool

No more words given to this


I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, F**k you very much

This is written to all men who may be reading it that has a hard-on for beating women, especially those with kids!!! This is my purge. There are times in life when you have to stand up for what is right! Choice is powerful and Our choice should always be to defend women and children! I decided to rock out and yell for awhile. I only write poetry when I am emotionally charged. Hence why I refer to my poetry as “Yelling on paper” I did not like the source but I loved the inspiration. This is yet another epidemic in this country and probably all over the world. If people would stand up for one another with these examples given from Gabriel being bullied to death in school, or women and kids that end up in situations like this. If the abusers .....

....in either of these cases would have a rash of people to fight every-time they bullied a kid, or anytime a man who chooses to hit a woman had to deal with several men standing in line to kick that ass a lot of this stupid stuff would stop! I am not an advocate of violence if you have been a faithful reader then you know that. However I do get loud on paper, OOPS that is the human coming out of me. I loved my Papas generation they were men (not the posers we have today just carrying the name) and took care of it the old fashion way and everything went back to normal. Their word was their bond. Now we have a generation of people who are always on the right side of wrong. Making excuses for ignorance with self made titles. We sadly live in a society that justifies everything with one term or another then we have those same people saying phrases like “This world is so bad” or “This world is so crazy” Over and over again stop giving the madness license! Stop taking the side of the beasts of our present world. I asked my husband why cant people just LOVE it is the easiest emotion to share and he said something profound and I will close with it he said “Honey you are trying to plant love in a garden of dram”.


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By Kimber Renee

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