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I am in no way defending Rosanne's bad joke but rather calling out the BLATANT HYPOCRISY of our world. All of you twitter junkies and social media heads should be ashamed for being so STUPID!!!! You are so offended by one comedians joke and yet Saturday Night Live is not canceled and none of you are tweeting about their insults! How many YEARS have they been allowed to insult people? None of you are tweeting about CNN, none of you are offended by the “Roast” no instead celebrities pay to set at a roast to here nothing but insults and WE tune in to listen and watch. HYPOCRISY!!!! The biggest example of how bad the hypocrisy is today is that countless AMERICANS have disrespected the PRESIDENT of our country and continue to insult him and no one is upset and tweeting pretending to be the Martyr.

All of you continue to prove that social media is a HUGE PROBLEM and I personally think every person on any social site be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat etc that stirs up stink and creates drama should be fined and KICKED OFF!!!!! If you want to rage and be offended then be offended by the school shootings, teenage suicide created by bullying, sex trafficking, terrorism, injustice, drug pandemic and all of the sad, sorry excuses our country makes for them. This is only a few things that warrant this much outrage. This one bad joke added to the millions of bad jokes about the living and the dead that comedians have told should not be one of them. She apologized that is all she can do. Every single one of you including Sarah Gilbert are hypocrites because NONE of us have skated through life NEVER saying something that we regret. Maybe some of us have not said racist things but WE ALL have said things that are wrong. A mans tongue can be a deadly poison and WE ALL have tasted it. You social media junkies have loose mouth disease and are a bunch of vipers ready to strike at anything and spread your poison to as many as possible, so you can go to work (if you work something other than your mouth) and say I tweeted last night or posted last night about this or that. WHO CARES!!!! I remember when social media did not exist and believe me WE as a nation were better off and did not have to constantly worry about people being offended and all of the he said she said bullshit. It was simpler times and definitely more peaceful. The tragedy is that the love of money and convenience today has kept social media alive when it should be killed out choked, stomped and buried forever!!!!!

I am so sickened by social media and all of your lame ass opinions and your poor little feelings continuously stirring the pot. You know who you are. You all are not offended you are just bored and have no life accept to jump on anyone for anything all of the time! Recently a dude on Facebook called my cousin a “CUNT” over her opinion about Nickleback which is a rock band that has basically died. This is my point!!!!!! It does not get more insulting than that. Is my cousin getting any attention NO! Was she offended YES! This comment that some random dude made is way worse than what Rosanne said. Get a life! Get a life! Get a life! Read a book, take a walk, pet your dog. Do something other than living on social media giving your hypocritical opinions and keeping wars going!!!!!!!!!! How many bad jokes have been told about Rosanne throughout her career? You could not number them and yet I do not recall anyone giving her a personal apology and having their show canceled. What about our President has anyone on television ever apologized to him for the barrage of jokes and even sitcoms created for the soul purpose of insulting him? NO and this is HYPOCRISY. All of you easily offended morons are going to keep it up and we will have absolutely no freedom of speech at all because God forbid we should offend someone today we are already there!!!!!. I am sure some uneducated bored nitwit will be offended by what I am saying right now do you wanna know why? I will tell you because I am telling the truth and NOBODY appreciates and values TRUTH today! Truth makes you the enemy. You all prove there is a demonic influence in this earth because you all are so deceived that you actually believe you are doing something good “standing up for someone” when in reality you are the matches that light the fires of our present world. Hell prides itself on deception!!!!

I am baffled by the ignorance of our world today. I am baffled by all of the easily offended. If someone pisses in the wind wrong someone is tweeting about it. GET A LIFE!!!!! We have many, many causes to be upset about today and this is not one of them. This has been done over and over again by most every comedian. Someone has been the butt of their jokes but thanks to social media and the convenience of running your mouth now its a media orgy!!!!! MIND YOUR OWN FLIPPING BUSINESS and the world would get better over night!!!!!

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee

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