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I wanted to write to all who may be grieving for an absent father. To those whose dad walked out at some point in their lives. To those who have let that choice devastate your life. I want to give you another way to look at it. My biological dad walked out of my life when I was two years old. We never had a relationship and when I turned 18 all of the sudden he wanted to meet me, notice I was 18 so he was off the hook on the child support which he never paid. I agreed only because I was curious. We met up at my Granny's. I walked in the door and it was not a teary scene as a matter of fact the first thing I said was “So this is what you look like”. We talked for a few weeks and it ended. Then when I was 26 he got in contact again and we talked and seen each other for 7 months and by my choice I ended it. He made a lot of false promises and had far to much baggage. His wife was jealous and I am very sensitive and feel those things.

I can honestly say I have no regrets. I consider him walking out to be the greatest blessing of my life. If he would have stayed I would have never ran to God at 4 or 5 years old and I would not have the awareness of God that I had and have today which has made and saved my life in so many ways. If he stayed I would not have had a close relationship with my grandparents because I would have lived in the boonies surrounded by his family. I would not have had all of the beautiful childhood memories that I have, and have shared with you lovely readers if he would have stayed. I would not have my sister and my nieces and nephews. I would not have met my husband who I am deeply in love with 26 years later. I would not have had the dogs that I have had in my life. I would not have been close to my aunts and cousins. More than likely I would not be writing books and I definitely would not have met Greg and be writing for this paper.

Do not make any mistakes about it my life was not easy with one parent but...I want to encourage all of you fatherless people to take an inventory of your life and realize the things you would be missing now if that Dad or father had chose to stay. If you met the man or woman of your dreams as a result of his absence then that was worth it to you. I also want people to know that God is THE FATHER. It is written that when my mother and father forsake me God will take me up and adopt me as his very own. If my dad would have stayed my life would not be what it is today. He cheated himself of knowing an awesome chick lol, and your dad cheated himself. So I can say, I am thankful that he CHOSE to leave because he opened the door for all of these other things in my life that are precious and priceless to me now. I ask that you let go of that pain and embrace what his absence has brought to your life. Do not let someones decision ruin your life.

By Kimber Renee

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