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(The Spirit Of Insanity)

I have ranted many times about how easily offended people are today and the proof is in the recent tragedy of Charlottesville. I do not agree with violence at all! Nor am I trying to be offensive when I say this, but...We HAVE TO STOP HOLDING SIGNS UP ABOUT SILLY STUFF THAT HAS NO ABILITY TO CHANGE THE WORLD. WE NEED TO STOP GETTING ANGRY AT THE PEOPLE WHO HOLD SIGNS UP. The Robert E. Lee statue was erected in 1924, 59 years after the civil war. It has been standing for 93 years and all of the sudden people decided to be offended at concrete REALLY? That statue down or up has not got the ability to change men's hearts. Hate is a soul issue and rock or wood makes no difference. Are we so bored that we have to invent things to protest. Look at our world there are many serious and important things to protest, here is just a few:.....

Hold up a sign for all the women and children who are victims of sex trafficking in America!

Hold up a sign for all the starving children around the globe!

Hold up a sign for the Christians who are getting their heads chopped off because they believe in JESUS!

Hold up a sign against the drug pandemic our country is facing and the license that so many are giving it!

Hold up a sign to get stiffer punishments for people who play on their phones while driving killing people daily!

Hold up a sign to make our judicial system keep child molesters in prison!

Hold up a sign to get technology revised and tamed, geared to protect us!

Hold up a sign for our crazy government before our booty's get blown off!

Hold up a sign to protest people being offended at every little thing causing death and adding fuel to the fires of hate!

Hold up a sign for peace love and understanding!

Hold up a sign protesting hate and ignorance!

Hold up a sign to revive love!

Hold up a sign to unite!

I marvel at the countless things people get offended about today and fight over to the point of death. A couple of years ago people were actually putting out Zombie Nativity scenes for Christmas, was that offensive to me YES ABSOLUTELY my resolution was, I chose to not look at it! In Siloam Springs Arkansas Christian music is banned from public school buses and the "Freedom from religion Foundation"; said, and I quote 'It offended atheists and agnostics and free thinkers.' I have to laugh at the 'free thinkers' comment because if...they were really free thinkers then Christian music should have no influence or impact whatsoever, it is just another contradiction. This reminds me of the cities that have banned crosses because it offended someone. In Cleveland and Mount Soledad and North Somerset crosses are banned. Another town has banned all decorations from graves! This is where we are heading too. In Knights town Indiana they took down a cross off of the Christmas tree in town square that had been there forever all because someone decided to get offended, notice I said 'GET' it is a choice to be offended. They argued and I quote again 'It is a preeminent symbol of Christianity representing the instrument of the Crucifixion of JESUS, if it is religious it has no business on town property.' I am so furious at all of this insanity, and it truly is insanity at work in our earth. What is terribly sad is a person died over a statue that was there for 93 years. A man took life and threw away his life over hate, and the statue was the symbol. People may argue that it was not because of a statue but...the protest was over a statue. It was the root of the protest. Just like people get offended seeing the cross this is the same thing, only in this case it was a statue. They can take all crosses out of this world and it would NEVER change my belief in JESUS likewise that statue taken down was not, and could not change the hearts of men. They hated before the statue, and if it were removed they would still hate because that IS THEIR CHOICE. It was a horrifying scene and I am deeply troubled that a beautiful young woman was killed by someone so full of hate. Someone who chose to kill a person because she was holding a sign, and the anger was sparked by a lifeless statue. I am so sad for the family of that young lady and they are in my thoughts and prayers. Tragedy was the out come.I hope justice prevails for that young lady and other victims.

There are many and I stress many things that I am offended about each day, but I choose to not hold that offense which is a poison it only steals my day. Last week I had opportunities daily to get offended at someone and I had to remember what I am telling you from the wisest book ever written, 'Offense is a stumbling block.' With life is choices and with every choice there is a consequence. All day everyday there are choices, and we have to be careful what we are choosing. Sadly we are not living in peaceful times and I am in no way justifying violence of any kind or hate groups, but unfortunately holding a sign can cost you your life in the world we live in today. I do not say that lightly, if you have read my articles each week then you know how I long for simpler more peaceful times. I choose peace! What was the result of this protest? Answer: Hate and death and nothing else has changed except now we have a grieving family and the wounded left, and a lot of media coverage over a statue that has stood for 93 years.The wonderful media needs to be responsible and they are not! Another protest came out of this and instead of the media trying to calm the situation they air and re-air the scene over and over again on the site of the protesters! Adding fuel to an already volatile situation, all for a story. It is sad and pathetic and it is insane! Why is it so hard to simply be and let others be! Why cant we live OURlives and MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS and enjoy life? Why cant we LOVE each other? We have our enemies in our country and are being threatened by other countries and instead of us (ALL AMERICANS) uniting we are too busy holding signs up that are NOT, let me repeat NOT changing anything!!!!! We need to have each others back all the time everywhere that we go. We are playing into our enemies hands because we are turning on each other and getting distracted so we are not paying attention. People of different skin color are constantly fighting, people of different faiths are always fighting, people from different countries are always fighting! Does anyone hear me? LOVE and REALITY are what are missing from our world! Most live in a fantasy land where responsibility is shunned, truth is shunned, human decency is shunned, intelligence is shunned, love is shunned, commonsense is shunned, the ability to just be happy and content is shunned!!!! What is the result of that recipe-violence, hate and death and lest we forget SOMEONE WHO IS ALWAYS OFFENDED!!! Let the past remain the past and STOP REPEATING IT! I am so tired and overdosed on all of the racism STOP giving it a voice therefore birthing it! SHUT UP ALREADY and let it DIE! Lets trend love. How does racism survive and thrive- with OUR ACTIONS AND WORDS. If enough people would say, you know what I am not giving it a voice therefore giving it power then it would fade and disappear but….NO we want to continue with it giving the racist beast more power. It is a product of choice. FIND SOMETHING TO DO and STOP THE SIGN MADNESS and HATE MADNESS! There has been so many protests in the last few years and it is counter-productive. I have not seen any protests all I have seen are riots and there is a difference. I have not seen one single protest in the last three years that has solved anything, or produced anything positive. In fact all that they have done is create more problems, more anger, more hate, rioting, destruction, looting, jail time and even death. When are we going to wake up! How many are gonna have to die before we get a clue. It is impossible to please all the people and especially in these easily offended times. One of the signs of the end times is that people will be offended at everything. Can anyone deny that we are living in those times. There is nothing more that I can say to the hate groups because they choose to hate and will always have a justification for it. They cannot see that what they believe is evil. They cannot see that we all bleed the same color blood. They cannot see how tremendously offensive they are to GOD. They are delusional. We are suppose to learn from our past mistakes and instead we continue to repeat them. We have evolved in technology and that is it! We are choosing to keep the past alive, and many feed it well therefore, making the beast larger and larger. Signs are not a resolve, but rather communicating like rational sensible human beings. We need to act like adults instead of fighting with each other like we are seven years old on the playground. Even though my article is called “Offense is a stumbling block” I am sure someone reading this will go ahead and get offended so that is why I added a subtitle “The spirit of insanity.” I do not watch the news, but there was no escaping this. I could have done without hearing it, as it is depressing and sad, but I will hold the family of that young lady in my heart and prayers for a long time to come.

I want to end this on a positive note. WE ALL are unique! WE ALL are valuable! WE ALL have something special to offer this world. Lets purpose to see our differences as beautiful. If we all looked and acted the same the world would be boring and dull. My prayer is for peace and loving embraces to flood this world. Harmony should be the theme of the nation.

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By Kimber Renee

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