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Its been awhile since I have written. There has been so many things that have happened in our lives since last March. January 10 of this year my husband took a bad fall off of a roof and had to be life-lighted to a hospital. He fractured three vertebrae and broke a rib and had a small puncture in his lung. God was present because he only spent one night in I.C.U and the next day he was stepped down and they put him in a back brace and he was walking the halls. After three days he got to come home. I am sincerely thankful to God and for all the prayers that went up for him. It has been very hard and challenging for us considering the losses of last year and the continual battle of recovering and now this but we are still here. I want to share something I recently read.

There was a woman who complained constantly. After one particularly bad day, she said, “God, why did you let so many bad things happen to me? My alarm did not go off, and I was late to work. At lunch they made my sandwich wrong, and I had to send it back. Driving home, my cell phone dropped the call right in the middle of the conversation. To top it off God, when I got home I wanted to put my feet in the foot massager just to relax, but it wouldn't turn on. God nothing went right today.” God said, “All right. Let me go down the list. Your alarm didn't go off because there was a drunk driver on the freeway. I delayed you on purpose so you wouldn't be harmed. The sandwich you had to send back was made by a cook who was sick and I didn't want you to catch his flu, so I had someone else make you a new one. I cut off your phone call because the person you were talking to has been spreading rumors, and I didn't want you to hear too much. And for the massager, I shut it down because there was a short in the wiring. If I’d let you turn it on, the power would have gone out in your entire house, and I didn't think you would want to sit around in the dark all evening.”

Now this ladies problems are minor compared to what mine has been for the last year but the point is clear. We do not always understand why things happen but God has a perfect plan. I have had many weak moments and breakdowns and even emotional explosions but...I choose to persevere. I get back up and dust myself off and continue believing that some way somehow all of what we have endured and suffered in the last year will be worked out for our good. This is a daily choice because there is nothing in my flesh that supports this decision. I hope that all who read this that may be going through rough stuff will draw comfort from it and a new hope that will get you through the adversity.

By Kimber Renee

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