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I love the quote “Procrastination is the recruiting officer of hell” This is very true and should startle some people including me. I had several goals set for myself this year and sadly I have not done much toward accomplishing them. Procrastination is a thief that robs all of us of health, happiness, good relationships, opportunities, dreams, goals and many other things. This is a universal problem. Procrastination has its own language it sounds like this, I will, I am gonna do that, I need to do that. The most popular one is “I will do this or that tomorrow” But I ask why not today? I heard a wise person say wisdom is doing what is uncomfortable now to have a great life later on. I want to remind myself along with all of the lovely readers of this paper “later on” does find us. We need to first be aware of procrastination and treat it like it were an unwanted guest and send it down the road. Another quote I like is “Procrastination is the installment plan for suicide”. This is scary but...the good news is it can be fixed with decision and commitment. Passivity is a close relative to procrastination they are a team. We have to be “on purpose people” Our spoiled flesh is not gonna be our cheerleader and back us up emotionally so we have to learn to live beyond our feelings and do it on purpose. This is the only way to overcome passivity and procrastination. I hope this jump starts many of you to war against one of our many enemies in life called procrastination.

By Kimber Renee

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