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I want to start this with something that the Iconic Janet Jackson said at the Billboard Music Awards this year. I am quoting her.

“Turn back to the Source of calmness and that source is GOD. Everything we lack GOD has in abundance compassion, sensitivity, patience and boundless love.” Brilliantly said and I commend her to take her opportunity on the world renowned platform that her success has created for her to speak out and to speak truth. I want to talk about social medias unasked for opinions and briefly Trump. There is so much hate in our world and I want to share something I saw on the news a month or so ago, as the TV was on that channel when I got up. It was a marriage proposal so I decided to watch it thinking, cool finally something good. WRONG! It was about a couple who were together 6 years and it was the young woman's college graduation and her dude chose to propose to her. People on social media sadly and shamefully had a problem with this proposal bombarding with their posts and beastly opinions which were not asked for by the way saying things like: he was selfish, this was her day, he took attention off of her accomplishments and made it about him BLAH BLAH BLAH and GRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Apparently people tweeted and basically did a survey on this and 54% disapproved of this proposal REALLY SOCIAL MEDIA JUNKIES GET A GRIP AND A LIFE PLEASE!!!!! It is none of your business nor is it your place to approve period! It infuriates me that all of these social media heads seem to think their opinion matters! You continually showcase your ignorance and lack of NO LIFE!!!! They took something good and turned it into something bad STOP HATING!!!! Have a real opinion about the state and conditions of our messed up, delusional and much in denial world! You will not do that because YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEMS TODAY and you deep down know it but would never admit it!!!!

School will be starting soon and we all are aware that the school shootings are common today and what is being done about it? Talk and deflection that is what is being done, so basically NOTHING!!!!! Me and my cousin had a discussion about this. I am not a political person but I have to say I am overdosed and sick of people blaming Trump for everything. So many people have disrespected Trump and have even blamed him for the school shootings REALLY? My cousin brought up some very good points she said school shootings were happening long before Trump was in office and….How can we expect our children to respect our fellowman if grown people do not respect the President of our country? Video games are to blame, cartoons today are to blame, music is to blame. All that these scapegoats are, is a deflection! Parents are to blame first and foremost because obviously they are NOT paying attention to their kids to even see a problem! Social media and the internet is what is raising this GENERATION and we wonder why our kids today are so messed up! The school system is to blame because they took God, prayer and the Bible out of school along with morals and values! The government is to blame when they decided to make it against the law for parents to spank their kids promoting the rebellious, disrespectful generation that we see today! The wisest book ever written says, beat them with the rod, they should not surely die! It also says, Spare the rod, spoil the child. For all the ones on social media that may get their panties in a wad because I shared this let me clarify I am not saying nor is the Bible saying to get a literal rod and beat your kids brains out, it simply means you discipline them. We grew up with video games did any of us take a gun to school NO! We got our tails busted and we are not disturbed. No change will ever happen until, until, until people take the responsibility that is THEIRS and STOP blaming everyone and everything else! I have ranted many times about the Internet and social media and all of the coldness and wickedness that it produces. You just read Another example of social media in action to attempt to ruin someones happy day with backlash that was undeserving, un-asked for and ridiculous! Just like little Gabriel “The School” did not want to face up to their part of that little boys death. No it is easier to deflect and blame other things and even down play a serious problem in our country which is suicide rather than take responsibility PATHETIC!!!!!!! Now Walmart is selling impeach Trump shirts on the INTERNET!! I do not agree with the way he says things but….KNOCK OFF THE CHILDISH DISRESPECT ALREADY!!!! Worry about how YOU live YOUR life! Worry about how YOU raise YOUR kids which happens to be our future! Worry about THE MESSAGE YOU ARE SENDING TO YOUR KIDS!!! What are you contributing? An opinion and time on social media which means NOTHING!!!! YOU are adding to the problems because YOU cant seem to keep that tiny member (tongue) shut!!!!!

Am I the only one who sees this world with opened eyes? I mean seriously does anyone agree with me? It is a SICK and TWISTED world that we live in and social media keeps it INFECTED all of the time! No one is doing anything about it instead they keep creating more APPS and more social sites. I have said from the beginning of writing for this paper that all of our world issues are CREATED and that is what makes it so infuriating to me. NO-ONE is making the right sacrifices for a better quality of life instead everyone continues to FEED THE BEASTS that are devouring our world!!!!!!

The feast of the world today is hate and the ingredients are strife, regurgitated offense, unasked for and unproductive opinions of blatant ignorance, arrogance, technologically addicted, deep denial with a smile and excuses, excuses, excuses creating more and more abuses, no action just lip service waiting for the next App and techno toy to come out! This is the world today!

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee

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