I am not in the habit of sharing my personal business but...I need to inform the people and need the support of everybody I can get. I am currently under threat of losing my home, not from debtors or banking institutions but from the state of Kentucky. My home has been paid for in full for eleven years. I neglected to pay my property taxes not out of irresponsibility but just plain and simply slipped my mind. My property taxes were purchased by Kentucky Tax Bill Servicing Inc for a whopping $307.42. Now enters Bilz & Associates law firm. Under Kentucky state law K.R.S. 134.420 which allows attorneys to rack up an insane amount of charges for legal fees to collect past due property taxes. I am now being forced to pay over $4000.00 or they are going to foreclose on my home which I have stated that I own out right. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Sounds like a huge scam doesn't it? Sounds illegal doesn't it? Well it is not! This could happen to you, your mom, your grandmother or anybody! The state can legally take your home from you for $100.00 if they want to!

Never heard of this law? Me neither, nobody does until it happens to them. This form of legalized extortion should not be accepted or condoned by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The very definition of extortion is: The practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

This is really happening and nobody is talking about it. We need everybody's support. If you find this form of financial terrorism offensive and down right unconstitutional then we need everybody's support and action. We would like for everybody to forward, Facebook tweet, text, call, or even write letters to our State Senator Rand Paul 270-782-8303 or 202-224-4343 and State Representative Congressmen Thomas Massie at the following email  and the phone number....

.... is 202-225-3465 to voice all of your concerns and feelings on this matter before they get you to. A few minutes of your time could save us our home and many others including yours. We implore everybody to ACT NOW!

We elect our leaders including Lawyers, Judges, Congressmen, Governors, Senators and our President. These people are sworn to uphold a moral and ethical standard for all people. These actions being taken against us are no where in the realm of being morally, or ethically righteous.

If this is the way that our elected officials seek to profit from the general public by enacting and upholding these ridiculous laws to extort our money and our homes from us, then maybe we need to change our vote. Never in a million years would I have thought my home could be taken from me for $307.00. I did not go looking for this fight, this fight was brought to me. We will not back down and I ask that everyone stand up with us so when this fight comes to your doorstep you are not fighting alone. I also ask that you look up any of the other horror stories of victims of this law online. These poor people never went public with it until it was too late. We are trying to stop this by making this problem as loud and as public as we possibly can. These laws were never made public to anybody. They are being held in secret and being used to extort our homes and money! The more people that you can forward this along to, the more voices being heard, the more outcry's for justice that we can put together, we will defeat this outlandish tax scam. We would like to thank everyone who chooses to say something and not just set by and let this happen.



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By Kimber Renee

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