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This past weekend we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! Time really has flown we got together in 1992 and we married in 1993. I was seventeen when we met and he was only 20. Our first date we went out to eat and to the movies “Waynes World” was what we saw. I would not change a thing. We are not only husband and wife but truly we are best friends. The marriage commitment is a beautiful thing and very rare today. Today people do not honor vows, or seem to know anything about commitment because it so easy to get a divorce. I do not think that there is anything more flattering than a person who says I want to be with you for the rest of my life. It is sweet and beautiful and I appreciate it. We were talking about how much things have changed since 1992 and I thought it would be fun to share some of those changes. When we got together they still had floor model TV's. If you did not have a remote then you had to walk over and change channels which would be looked at as sin to people today, God forbid should they have to move to do anything. There was no cell phones you either had rotary phones or push button phones. There were phone booths on street corners in case you needed to stop and make a call for 25 cents. Computers were not a household item or name. Typewriters were common. My niece years ago was watching me play resident evil with my nephew and in the game the save spot was a typewriter and she asked me what it was lol. Social media did not exist and if you wanted to meet people you actually had to leave your house and get out in the world. Gas was only 70 cents a gallon. The world was much more compassionate and peaceful. Rock music was actually rock music. People had some commonsense and a better work ethic. You did not see grown men cry all the time. Life was definitely better.

I can only imagine what the older generation thinks about today if I feel the way I do after only 25 years of change. I have an album that my mom started a long time ago and it has old newspaper clippings of some history from the 1800’s of our town, I love it I think it would be fun and interesting to share just how dramatically things have changed.

This is an advertisement of cars in the late 40’s and 50’s it says,

November Clearance Sale of used cars

1951 Packard Ultramatic 4 door $145.00 (I do not know what ultramatic means lol)

1949 Chevrolet Choice of two $245.00

1948 Pontiac Hydramatic 2 door 245.00

1952 Kiser 4 door $95.00

1952 Chevrolet ½ Ton Pickup $465.00

Today the price of vehicles are the same as a house and payments are 700.00 and upwards.

Here is a Tavern menu from 1807 it reads:

For warm breakfast 25 cents

Cold breakfast 17 cents

Warm dinner 25 cents

Cold dinner 17 cents

Warm supper 25 cents

“Corn” by the gallon 17 cents

Hay, blades and stableage 24 hours 25 cents

For pastures 8 cents

For lodging in clean sheets 8 cents

French Brandy 1-2 pt 37 cents

Maderia wine 1-2 pt 50 cents

Any other kind of wine, per 1-2 pt. 37 cents

Peach Brandy 1-2 pt 12 cents

Whiskey 1-2 pt 12 cents

Cider, Royal, per qt 17 cents

Hollard Gin 1-2 pt 25 cents

I hope this entertained you this week.

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee

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