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It is now 2019 and I could not think of a more important message to pass along at the start of this new year. I recently heard a very powerful message called “Spirit Wars”. I have written about the influences in the spiritual realms before but, this message really confirmed my beliefs. Just as God has angels that work for Him Satan has demons that work for Him. Satan's kingdom is basically a perversion of Gods kingdom. Faith moves God and enables Him to work in a persons life and the reciprocal is Fear which enables Satan to move in a persons life. You have angels who hearken unto the Word of God, and you have demons that hearken unto the voice and demands of Satan. God is love and Satan is hate. You have the “Holy trinity” which is Father, Son and Holy Ghost and you have the evil trinity which consists of Satan, Antichrist and the False prophet. Satan’s kingdom is the underworld or as the Bible says Hell, Hades and Sheol (the place of the dead). Gods kingdom is heaven above the world where there is eternal life. God is infinitely good and Satan is infinitely evil. God promotes positive things and Satan promotes negative things. God is light and Satan is darkness. God cannot lie and Satan is the father of lies and all that is false. God gives life and is life and Satan steals life and is death. Satan manipulates and God gives us free will and the power to choose. God delivers and Satan keeps people in bondage. God is peace and Satan is worry, chaos, panic and strife and every mental misery you could imagine all to steal our peace. God brings conviction and Satan condemns. God forgives and Satan accuses. I shared all of this to establish the differences in these spiritual forces.

No matter your belief system these realms are always in operation in all of our lives on a daily basis. Most are oblivious to it. People will admit that the world today is full of wickedness but they rarely admit the source behind the wickedness. Satan has become a Halloween character and this is the way he wants it. He is covert. He is invisible. We do not see him or his demons with natural eyes and this is how he remains so camouflaged. My goal is to awaken you to the truth and hopefully leave you with more of an awareness of the spiritual realms that ARE governing our lives and world daily. I hope that you become aware of the influences so that YOU can actively fight against them. You may ask how do I fight against them? I will answer that after I share an experience that this gentlemen who taught about spirit wars had in an effort to illustrate more clearly the influences and how sadly that they go unnoticed giving all of Hell a party.

He shared that he was a believer but he was demonized, demons held him hostage for 7 years to fear anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and panic attacks. Many would ask, how can a Christian be demonized. Anytime that we are struggling with these kinds of things it is a demonic influence. I think we all could agree that none of these come from God. I have known men who beat their women who do not miss a service or opportunity to brag about their Christian title. A preacher this year lied and stole money from us so do not think that the devil, Satan, Beelzebub, the prince of darkness does not go to church because he does. Think about it, what better people to try and torment and use for his kingdom if he can. Satan tried tempting Jesus so do you think you are exempt. One day God opened this mans eyes to see the spirit realm and he said everywhere he went he saw demons. He walked past a cafe and looked in the window and saw a couple setting at a table together and all of the sudden he saw a demon go up to the lady and whisper in here ear, “he hates you and thinks that you are ugly”. Then he said he saw the demon go to the gentlemen and whisper in his ear and suddenly a fight insued. He said the demon set back and began to laugh. Now, I share this as a practical example that we all can relate to. This couple had no knowledge of the spiritual forces or realms so they were oblivious and as the saying goes forewarned is forearmed but sadly they were not warned. What would have happened to them as non-Christians if...each of them had an understanding of the influences that I am discussing, they probably would have ignored the whispers injected as thoughts in their minds and continued to have a lovely dinner. If they were believers they would probably would have rebuked the demon and went on to have a lovely dinner. But they were ignorant and were influenced to do exactly what the invisible man wanted, giving hell another victory. Before I go on I want to make clear that this is not a get out of jail free card where the justification is “the devil made me do it” We all are subjected to one or the other of these influences in life but we all also have free will and choice and with choice comes responsibility. My goal is to introduce you to the influences (spirit wars) so you can make the right choice. Now, we all have argued with someone and maybe they did start it blah blah blah but what we need to do is realize there is a demonic influence there trying to get a rise out of us. There are times to confront but how many arguments were so unnecessary and even petty. In regards to anger there is a righteous anger and a wrong anger. I rant a lot about the ignorance of the world today and that is a right anger, now if I went out and began clubbing or shooting all stupid, overly sensitive, ignorant and delusional people and many more that I have written about, then it would be a demonic influence.

How we fight that spirit realm is to know how to catch a thought quickly that is negative in any capacity. We on purpose cast down that thought. Cast means pitch or throw. If you feel like smacking someone remind yourself that a demon is responsible for that feeling waiting to see if you will take the bait. Offense interestingly in the Greek means scandalon which is the bait that they put on a trap to ketch its prey. How many live offended today, too many to count and it is ridiculous. The mind is the battlefield. The mind is the arena that the wars of our lives take place in and WE have the deciding factor weather we win or lose. It all happens between the ears. I have written extensively on the power of thoughts and words and these spirit wars thrive on those two things. They influence our thinking creating feelings that in turn create words and now you have birthed it and they can only hope you or me will take the bait that they are offering and react and talk out of our emotions creating a mess. We need to form good mental habits that promote positivism, optimism and love. We cannot control what comes into our minds but….WE CAN decide if what is being offered gets our attention. Everything in our life is birthed from a thought so it would be very beneficial for all of us to take a regular inventory of what we are thinking about and even meditating on. Meditating simply means rolling over and over in the mind, if you have ever worried then you have meditated, only you have chose two meditate on the wrong thing. The wisest book ever written says of the thought life: as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. I like what one person said to simplify this: Where the mind goes the man will follow.

Words are the catalyst to all of our thoughts, even Quantum physics is recognizing that there is truly power in our words for the positive and the negative. Another field of science now agreeing with the Bible which says, life and death are in the power of the tongue. They actually did an experiment that involved an office plant and people. In the office there was a plant and one particular man did not like the plant stating that he hated it every-time he saw it and the others in the office liked the plant. They decided to set up a camera on the plant for one week and what was captured was astounding. The plant was beautiful and full until this man came in the room and the plant actually withdrew. When the man left the plant relaxed. It was confirmed that words hold creative energy and power, and things respond to our words. Connect the dots here. Satan knows that our mind and thoughts are powerful, and that our words are full of creative or destructive energy so it makes sense that this is his entrance that he so diligently tries to enter in all of our lives. He presents thoughts to us and many of us take them as our own when in reality they are his thoughts. He uses us a pawns and celebrates that his invisibility is winning. The wisest book ever written says people perish for a lack of knowledge and this is evident all over the place. People today fight truth, even hate and despise truth like never before and so I rage.

I will use a recent situation in my own life when I had to realize the influence. My sister is with a woman beating druggie punk and I heard some things that I was not happy about so instantly I thought (notice I thought) that's it I am getting a pint and I am going to call a cop who is a buddy of ours and go out there and beat this woman beating punks brains out and call the police after and watch them haul him away considering he has a warrant on him. My emotions were cheering me on but I had to realize the influence. If I would have done that…. first I would have had a hangover, second I might have killed the dude and might have ended up in jail. The influence was there and strong it sounded good to me and however deserved I still had to choose. I chose wisdom, I chose light. Every single person in prison today is there because they allowed the influence to rule their emotions. They wanted to steal so they did, they wanted that woman so they raped her, they were angry at that person so they killed them and on and on it goes. There are no limits except for what we decide to set. We have to be aware and choose. Let this resonate in you this new year. Form the habit of taking your thoughts seriously and realizing there is a root source.

This goes for the positive as well. Lets be aware of the good things and good people in the world even if we have to look for them. Lets be aware of the good influence that is constantly operating as well. A year ago I gave my niece a compliment and like most she did not receive it well and I said to her, “Tayler honey when someone compliments you, you need to take it because that is God loving on you through that person”. She said I never thought of it that way before. Any good thing comes from God and he uses people. If someone is patient with a new store clerk then that is Gods influence. Any giver or peacemaker is influenced by heaven and on and on it goes. Lets purpose in 2019 we are gonna win the war and yield to the good and not give in to the bad. Lets call out the wickedness and not turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it any longer! Lets stop feeding all of the poisons that have run our world like hate, offense, stupidity, self entitlement, excuses, drug pandemics, immorality and many many more. Lets stand up this 2019 and say NO MORE WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR STUPID! Lets say life is precious and is meant to be enjoyed and WE are NOT going to give permission to the strife makers and drama addicted anymore! If they have no audience then they will stop. I will revive a poem I wrote in 2018 that is still relevant today.


People problems, People problems

Everywhere that you go

People problems, People problems

Drowning my soul

Multitudes of adults acting like kids

fighting on the playground

They do not know how to be peaceful, they do not know how to be sound

They wear their hate like a crown

Entitlement attitude

Everywhere that you go today

Arrogance is the flame

Selfish, vain and rude

Choosing to stay the same

Sucking on the racist tit

keeping the fires lit

Continuing to rage

Feeding the Beast

Wild animals should be in a cage

Betrayal and hidden motives

Contradictions unfolding

Peace is so hard to obtain

When you are surrounded by the insane

The choice is to offend, and accept offense

Death they send

They fight about race

The moronic they embrace

They feed the Beast, making it larger

Instead of killing it, they make it stronger

Their hate is conjured

The fire has been lit

Arrogance is the flame

They stay the same

This is it

Blazing hatred, fanning the embers of hate

Trouble and chaos they crave

Death they create

If our forefathers could see

They would weep

Mouths they cannot keep

Perverting freedom

They are Ignorant

Commonsense is Elusive

the Beast is abusive

raging in the earth

Devastating and causing hurt

Salting the wounds

Inviting doom

Too stupid to see


They feed the Beast, making it larger

Instead of killing it, They make it stronger

Their hate is conjured

Comprehension has failed their ears

Learning nothing over the years

Repeating insanity

All for vanity

Living in the past, keeping it alive

Spewing lies

Ignoring cries

There is no mercy with the Beast

He has many to join him in the feast

We made the meal

Inviting the Beast to steal

inviting the Beast to kill

Blood he spills

Lets wake up and see

Lets let people be

Lets kill the Beast

So we together can be free

Now is words of wisdom

for this season

Now is the time

Time to unite

So we can survive

Fight for life

Appreciate our freedoms

Not use it as a reason to hate more

By Kimber Renee

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