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Good news came today and with it revelation. Life is beautiful and precious. I began to reflect on my life in general and especially this year and realized that the common denominator of much of my upset has been “Distraction” followed by its close companion “Opposition”- opposition chases our goals and dreams. “Oppositions” one and only goal is to defeat you. I hope everyone reading this has a dream. My dream is to see my stories on the big screen. I want to retire my husband and move so deep in the country that I cant remember my own address. I want to be so wealthy that I can order everything online so that if I wanted to stay home for a year and not go anywhere I could. I want quiet only hearing the birds. I want to pamper my mom and other loved ones that I adore. I want a writing room with french doors looking out to a beautiful landscape. I want one room with only a giant Tepee in the center lined with pillows. I want a 1000 acres of rolling hills and woods lined with trails to go four-wheeling. I don't want to be easy access which translates easy prey for “distractions” I want to enjoy peace and my fur-babies. I want a clutter free mind so I can create and write undisturbed giving passionately to my craft. I do not limit my thinking, these things keep me pushing and pressing. I love life but do not like this technology addicted, sympathy seeking, excuse making world so full of distractions. Heartless and unforgiving distractions. Annoying and rude distractions. Worrisome and nagging distractions. Big and small and everything in between “distractions. Repetitive and senseless and even created distractions.” I am over them all.

My dear sweet aunt recently passed away and her passing confirmed that life is truly short and meant to be celebrated and sadly I have let the nemesis called “Distraction” steal too many of my days. I have made my plan so many times to finish my sequel to “Dead Traffic” and every-time someone or something comes crashing into my life sucking the life's blood out of my creative energy. My husband has said to me many times over the last couple of years “Baby these are just distractions to get you off your game”. He is right there have been more than normal distractions this year like: two floods, crooks trying to steal our home, a tree fell on our house and all of these God proved faithful. Then, you have the family dramas and stupidity of others. We are going through another financial crisis and I recently fell messing my foot up. I have a choice to either succumb to all of the pressures and distractions, or fight through them and surrender all of the upset and see these as “simply” more distraction. I choose life and life is not meant to be miserable, worried and full of anxiety about things that we cannot do anything about. Life is meant to enjoy fully and completely. I have let my emotions control me a lot this year and I have decided to change my thinking and words therefore creating a good life for myself. Emotions are an enemy to us if we are not careful. Too often we speak out of emotion creating more havoc. I am a firm believer that our words do carry creative or destructive power. I am learning more and more that WE are CREATORS OF OUR DESTINY. I want to create good things. As the saying goes garbage in, garbage out. I have had a lot of garbage this year and it is time for me to take out the trash! So, my question I will leave you with today is what are you putting in and what are you putting out?

Another Day, Another Page

By Kimber Renee

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