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As I have switched from analog 35mm film strips to digital film, I have gone through several storage options over the years. When it was just my personal photos, I would painstakingly burn each set to a cd or dvd and label each one with the date and time and what was on the disk. This quickly became a dinosaur of an option however and I switched to using external hard drives.

This worked exceptionally well for a few years, I even started using this method to store my client photos, keeping an extra copy of their imaFinding my value. I’ll be honest. This is something I am still working on. I’ve been in the photography business for 13 years now, and I started out charging ridiculously low prices for my work. Like…. embarrassingly low. Sometimes didn’t even cover my gas to drive to the location!

Why would I do that to myself? I was artistically talented, I knew how to properly expose and compose an image. While I’ll admit my images todayHappy Valentines Day! Little did St. Valentine know all those hundreds of years ago that his acts of bravery when he was helping young lovers unite themselves in matrimony, that his name would go down in history and be celebrated in such a lavish fashion. On average, lovers spend $13,290,000,000 on valentines day, and a good chunk of that is on glamour or boudoir shots. So let’s get our chunk of that money pie!

I thought I would help you all out by dropping three posing tips on you that will help take your glamour shots to the next level, and increase those sales afterwords. Because no one can resist a fantastic portrait of themselves!



1) Chin forward and down. When you are posing, especially with a fuller figured woman, you want to elongate the neck and give her jawline some clean definition. So bring the chin forward towards your camera, and then rotate it down until you see the effect of elongation on the neck. You know what beautiful looks like, you will see the difference when you do this with your clients.

2)Move the larger parts of the body away from the camera. Taking a photo straight on of your client can be so very unflattering when they have a little extra curve to their hips or upper arms. so move those parts away from the body. Arms held slightly away from the body, or hips pushed back and a slight lean forward from the client. It helps give an optical illusion that evenly proportions and gives that hourglass shape we all want.

3) Relax your mouth, tiny little smile in your eyes. Say it exactly like that, it helps give that dreamy eyed look while keep ing the mouth relaxed and beautiful.

Well I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day is fill with love and laughter, until next week, my Lakeview friends.

Jeannie Marie Scheer



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