3.  Jenny Lynn's Secret Mission Book Spotlight

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The Anticipation of the first winter's snow had been building after Thanksgiving dinner, a week ago. Jenny Lynn and her brother had already gotten their homemade sled from the basement and had finished the minor repairs that assured them of a safe and happy sledding season. For most children, winter would be their least favorite season, but not for the Brantley children, they loved winter. "This particular winter is going to be no exception," Jenny thought, as the snow began to fall. Jenny Lynn Brantley was a rowdy little eight-year-old girl full of determination and spunk. She has done anything she put her mind to doing. With glittering eyes like deep pools of blue water and dimples that charmed everyone she came into contact with, the only exception being her brother Walton Jr., she basically could obtain anything she wanted. However, there has been a particular thing she's desired with all of her heart, from the first time she noticed it at Mr. Frank's Five and Dime Store, which seemed impossible to obtain. Her heart's desire was to have a baby doll named Cuddly Sue, and Jenny would have just about sold her eye-teeth to have her. She's cradled the doll in her arms, kissed it, and everything else you can do with a doll except bring it home and call it her very own. From the time that Jenny Lynn had seen the doll in the early spring, she had tried everything she could think of to earn the money to bring Cuddly Sue home. She set up a lemonade stand that earned her a small amount of money. She also had a used toy sale which she hoped would cause her parents to sympathize and give in to her cause, but that only gained her a few more dollars. She had raked leaves for Mrs. Cropper, her neighbor. She added all the money she worked for with the money her grandmother had given to her for her birthday, but still, she did not have enough to bring her greatest desire home.


Christine Gilliam Hornback is a wife of thirty-seven years and a mother of two boys. She is a #1 Bestselling Author and currently, has eight published books, three of which are #1 Amazon Bestsellers. Christine is also an Artist, Art Instructor, an Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Midwife and Self-Publishing Coach at Steps to Birthing Your Dream Author Services. She directed Women's Ministry for 15 years. Christine stepped out of the Director's role when she began ministering more and more through her writings, Inspirational speaking, and art. She has been a member of (WWW) Women, Weapons, of Warfare, a Global Prayer Ministry. Christine has encouraged and taught others as she has spoken at annual ministry conferences, churches, women's retreats, homeschool groups, local libraries, and community centers. She, in recent months, has been doing Live Broadcast and Group Coaching through Facebook Live, and webinars. Christine is also a regular blogger and a weekly contributor to Lakeview Times Online Magazine and Newspaper. Contact Information:Email.

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