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Author Services include formatting/design and cover creation pricing is based on an estimated hourly rate.

We work with you to help you get exactly what your book needs.

for a simple formatting. I keep our pricing low by using an hourly rate so I can get you what you need for a lower price.

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Formatting Pricing

Minor Assistance $30
Simple questions answered to get you over hicupps you may be having trying to format your own book. Assessment will be made as to whether you will really need the full formatting service
  1. Up to 43 pages Children Picture Book. $60
  2. Up to 43 pages one (1) print Book and E-book together. an extra $30 gets you an extra cover for the extra print book ie hardcover or paperback. $110
  3. 44 pages or more Children Picture Book $90
  4. 44 pages or more Children Picture Book and E book. $140
  5. 44 pages or more Childrens Picture Book with mobi e book and e pub. $220
  6. Chapter Book.
    Mostly text very few images like a novel. $120
  7. E-Book KPF file Amazon KDP. $50
  8. E-Book Epub. $80
  9. Adding Text to images. $30
  10. More Services including cover design

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Some definitions for you

Book Formatting -

Layout and Formatting. Formatting refers to the way you enter paragraph and line breaks, indents, spaces, typefaces and punctuation marks. By observing a few basic text-formatting rules, transforming the pages of your manuscript into a final book that looks attractive and professional.

Bleed -

It is very difficult to print exactly to the edge of a sheet of paper/card, so to achieve this, it is necessary to print a slightly larger area than is needed and then trim the paper/card down to the required finished size. Images, background images and fills which are intended to extend to the edge of the page must be extended beyond the trim line to give a bleed.


Figuring out the size of your book is the first thing you should do BEFORE hiring an illustrator, book designer or formatter

▼ Here are the more popular Print On Demand or POD printers. Links are below  ▼ ( Bolded words are links to pages outside and print to get you started.



  ▼ Trim or book sizes available   ▼

KDP (Paperback and E-books, FREE to publish if you use their ISBN ) and Ingramspark (Hardcover, Paperback and E-book ( there are extra fees involved potentially and I believe you need to buy your ISBN)

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Client recommendations

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Rebecca Ramm Engelbrecht

Greg Hetherington of Lakeview Times did an awesome job formatting my book cover and inside pages. He was able to put those finishing touches on that I couldnt figure out. He is affordable, works quickly, and does an excellent job. I was highly impressed and will be using him again on future projects.

Greg has worked his magic again! I had previously published a children's book with a company that went out of business. Therefore, I needed to republish the book. Greg fixed up the inside files and constructed a new cover, so I could republish. He did an awesome job!


Author Maureen Crofts

I would like to recommend Greg Hetherington for all the help he gave me in publishing my childrens picture book on Createspace My book is here .

He helped with the loading/bleeding the images and adding the text to the interior pages.

A very professional service.


Author Kimber Renee

This is to all who may want to write a book and get it published. I highly recommend that you give Greg a shot.

He has done both of my books Hells Hallways and Dead Traffic. You can see them at the end of my article in here and in his Book store.

I think all who see these covers can agree that he is creative and skilled at his craft. He collaborates with the customer and does his level best to give them the most awesome cover possible.

Everytime I look at my covers I am amazed. They pop on Amazon which is very important.

So if you are interested in getting a book out he is the man who can make it happen for you at a reasonable price. I am very happy with what he did with my books, and he will be my choice for future books I have. I would not consider anyone else that is how happy I am and you will be too.'


Author Dallas Ford Lincoln

For layout and design and formatting including the front and back covers I have had great success with Gregory Hetherington in this capacity.


Author Charlene laper

I highly recommend Greg Hetherington to aspiring authors as an excellent guide through the publishing process. I found him a patient and tireless consultant on cover design, format, etc., making himself willingly available through every step of the procedure. His goal is to assist his clients in achieving their expectations and his services are reasonable. See what she says about us.


L. Parker Roberts

Thank you so much, Greg Hetherington - my HERO! Finally, we are there! Please take a look at my new children's book on organ donation. The aim is to raise money for print versions so we can get it into schools and libraries around the world. Already in talks with translators...My book


#1 Bestselling Author Christine Gilliam Hornback

I highly recommend Greg Hetherington to Authors that need help publishing their books. Greg is very knowledgeable in self-publishing books. He has advised me several times in how to do my own. He is creative and uses that creativity to create beautiful book covers and formatted interiors that are outstanding. He goes the extra mile in that He has an online bookstore where Greg, then helps to promote the books that He’s helped to publish.


A satisfied customer

Recently I asked Greg to proof, format and check the appearance of a document I had done in the rough. He successfully reduced my 3 pages to an attractive 2 page layout. I will certainly use Greg's service again as I produce a newsletter and a Christmas Greeting Card....


Leah Carroll

Extremely helpful from start to finish. Professional and nothing was too much trouble. Well priced and works very quickly to a high standard. I couldn't work out the issues but Greg was quick to find out and fix them. Thank you.....


Helina Bailey

My illustrator and I were struggling with formatting when I came to Greg. What took us two weeks (and we still weren't correct), Greg did in a few hours. Besides just resizing my illustrations so that they met the printing requirements, he also spruced up the Title and info pages, plus added a fun wish list to the blank page at the end of the book, giving it a more polished look. Self publishing my first book has been a struggle but having Greg format the book was a wonderful way to finish off the preproduction journey. I will definitely be using him again in the future!.....


Loredana McCarty

I'm thankful for Greg and his instant communication and availability to help publish the book. I appreciate his work......


Kealy Connor Lonning

**Thanks to Greg Hetherington for helping me make my dream of being an author, come true! My first book is published! ❤️Greg did an awesome job formatting, uploading, submitting--whatever he did--to make it happen! He answered so MANY questions that I had! Greg went above and beyond, I believe, when he created a photo page for me, typed the copyright page, added my dedication page, and helped me submit information on the Amazon site. He helped me with every step, gave me tips, suggestions, etc... **Greg was patient, calm, positive, efficient and fast, very knowledgeable, and worked tirelessly, to help get my book published! What I love about him, is he is always REACHABLE! He worked one night so late, as we messaged, trying to fix something on my book! Seriously, I don't know if the guy sleeps! He is so busy, but always says "yes," to what I need, and is always so nice about it! I was so lucky to find Greg, and I just hope with these amazing reviews, that he still has time to do another book for me! Thanks, Greg! ❤️ ......


Colleen Bartlett

Highly recommend Greg he does a great job for the price ......


Chuck Houghton

Greg was right on when he said: "Many books are sold, just looking at the cover." Many times people just look at the front and back of my book and 'buy' ......



I recently had my book converted to e-book format for Amazon. They were very patient with me and made the appropriate changes until it was exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be using this service again! ......



Greg is the utmost professional. He will format your book to look like a masterpiece from a mess. Excellent communication skills and extremely responsive. Services highly recommended.......


Sherri Thompson

I would like to personally thank Greg for doing an amazing job on the layout for my first childrens book and ebook. He has gone above and beyond with helping me to navigate getting my book published on Amazon ! Thank you so much Greg.......


Nick Evans

Excellent professional service,.. took a while to finally sort the format but never too much trouble for Greg. Super fast, excellent communication throughout........


Nicole Grogan

I highly recommend Greg Hetherington for all your self publishing needs. He's an expert at what he does! So thankful for him!........


Maykel Jimenez

Greg provides a very professional, and good services. I am very satisfied with Greg's services........


Chigozie Mbadugha

Greg just worked on the format and design of my debut Children's book titled "A Visit to Grandma and Grandpa" and it was a great experience. He was able to address my 'newbie' questions in a courteous and professional manner. He provided ideas and guidance on what might work for my book and communicated regularly with me about the progress of the book design. The result was an excellently formatted book that I can't wait to see in print. I have no hesitation in recommending Lakeview Times to authors in need of high-quality book design services.........


Holly Emily

Greg came in and saved the day for me. He was amazing at quick with his talents of formatting and sorting teething issues. Nothing was too much for him. Thank you so much Greg!!!.........


Roxanne, author of Savannah's BIG Idea

"I had formatting issues. My book updates were rejected several times prior to me hiring Greg. Once he edited the pdf version for me (fixing the format), the book was approved. I had several people waiting for the updates. I didn't want to spend anymore funds, but this was worth it. Took my stress level down.".........


G. Spaulding

Greg is amazing, outstanding, fast, thorough, wonderful, helpful....I could go on and on. He is very professional and won't stop until the job is done to the author's satisfaction. I HIGHLY recommend Greg!!! I would use him again in a heartbeat!!!.........



Greg was awesome! Very professional, patient and has a great turn around time! He took mu job on a 24 hour notice and had the project completed in less than 24 hours! I will be sure to use him in the future!.........


Matthew Sides

Just wanted to give a shout out to Greg Hetherington! I have a children’s picture book that has been like 99% completed, but I couldn’t get it to go through KDP standards. I tried and tried, but nothing was working. I found Greg online and he had some very good reviews. I spent a few minutes talking to him about the problems and it took him no time at all to understand my issues. I sent over the file and within a day he had the file back to me and ready to go. I sent it over to KDP and then BOOM it was good to go! I probably wasted a week formatting a book that took him a fraction of that time. He was extremely professional and set the parameters of the project and talked me through the process the entire way. And guess what, when I messed up my file (too much tinkering and fidgeting after the 1st proof came back) Greg has been there to assist and get everything back in order. Cannot recommend this guy enough for everyone needing some editing for their books..........


Barb Howells

He's patient,knowledgable and did a wonderful job with my cover and formatting my book. Thanks so much Greg..........



I had a wonderful experience working with Greg Hetherington. He formatted my picture book for me and designed a cover for it. This was my first book and he answered all of my questions. I look forward to working with him again...........


Janelle Booth

Greg did an awesome job of designing my first book. I'll be using his services for my future books as well............


Jadira Serrano

Not only did Greg format my book,he also helped me upload it to KDP! (or basically did it for me) He's really good at what he does. Give him a try,you won't regret it.............


Latanya Griffin

Greg did a wonderful job of formatting my book, he even gave me a great idea for a book cover. Greg was available to answer any questions and he kept me up to date on the work he was doing for me. I would definitely recommend his services,if you are looking for an A+ job to be done.............


Margie and Eric Yep

My son and I wish to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Greg Hetherington with his help on formatting our first children’s book. We were feeling a bit discouraged, but he encouraged us NOT to give up. We would highly recommend him for any formatting issues you may have.............


Lorraine Bond

Greg has done such an awesome job getting my book ready to download on KDP and IngramSpark. He was extra patient with me as I kept changing what I wanted on my book cover. I would highly recommend him to format your book. Let him use his expertise in helping you make your book the best. I love how my book turned out. Thank you so much Greg!.............


Laryssa Knight Hodges of PAPERPEYTON LLC

"Greg has honestly saved my sanity! I’ve spent about 100 hours trying to format book drafts, and I say again, TRYING! I sent my files to Greg and POOF! I have a published book! He has been patient and very informative, not to mention his good sense of humor while putting up with me. I highly recommend his services.".............


Mark Gunning of Itchygooney Books

"Greg formatted one of my earlier books for me. Highly satisfied with his work.".............


Annette Pateman Author of ‘Anancy and The Turtle’

"I worked hard to write a children’s picture book. I found an illustrator and was pleased with the illustrations for the book. The time came for uploading the book and nothing worked for me. I just could not upload the book and there were a lot of error messages. I was on an authors group and saw that Greg Hetherington had been recommended.

I messaged Greg and to my surprise I received an answer right back. Within minutes I was explaining my problem to Greg. I sent Greg my files that evening and by the next day they were returned to me formatted. I was able to upload my book interior and book cover to KDP with no problems!

I was so happy.

If you are having problems formatting your print book or Ebook or worried about getting the book size correct because you have illustrations etc I highly recommend Greg. Greg will be able to sort out your concerns and you will have your print book or Ebook completed. .............


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A Book cover
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Book formating
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A Cover
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