6. My Dear Sister!

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In Loving Memory of my Dear Sister.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written an article but really wanted to do something special to honor my Sister who recently went to be with Jesus! My heart is broken but in peace as I know I will indeed see her again! This is just a little poem I wrote to dedicate to her and her memory!

My Dear Sister is not gone

She simply moved to live life anew

She’s gained all her hopes and dreams

Beyond what on earth she could ever do

Broken in sorrow emotionally numb

I found myself in deep grief,

I may have been staggered for a moment

But then in the Comforter I found relief.

Yes, death came as an enemy

Spreading heartache and pain,

But what the enemy meant for evil

God turned for our good again.

Because I do not have her on earth

Tears spill with memories of love,

But, I know she’s joyfully waiting

Our great reunion in Heaven above

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