6. A Mind to Work Builds a Life of Reward

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#1 Bestselling Author Christine Gilliam Hornback announces her latest book,

 A Mind to Work Builds a Life of Rewards



DESCRIPTION: Trusting God with our whole heart while gleaning from our journey, will cause the rewards to be sweet and so worth it! They may seem like little rewards at first, but as we keep gleaning from our lives and our experiences, we will realize that all of the little rewards will add up to be the wonderful sum of what we’ve accomplished for the Lord. Picture, if you will each reward and life’s lesson as being a brick. What we build with them will be like Nehemiah’s wall, with each reward and success being the memorial stones of what the Lord helped us to build, which will be a life well built! GET IT HERE

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Christine Gilliam HornbackChristine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Programs and Authorship Programs, Artist and Art Instructor!

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Christine is a weekly contributor to www.lakeviewtimes.com.


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