5. Cemetery Tour Very Well-Attended

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On Halloween day the weather cooperated to make for a pleasant and enjoyable time for the afternoon parade of constumed students and later for the trick-or-treaters. Finally when all had quieted down in Lakeview for the evening, a crowd of up to one hundred people started gathering at the Lakeview Cemetery at around nine o'clock to be led on a tour by Briana Herzog.

We followed her in the dark to each tombstone that had been marked with a glow stick as she shared the unfortunate stories of each of their demises. The respectable crowd kept very quiet while she read each obituary and joined in sympathy over their fates.

Comments we heard that evening and throughout the year have shown us that many are becoming more and more interested in the history of our village and its surrounding area. Our Lakeview Area Museum Committee is very much encouraged by that fact as we contemplate expanding our building so more resources of the area's history can be available to people. We are looking forward to the community's support in the coming year as we pursue this endeavor.

The museum has been open each weekend this year since the first of May from 10 to 1 on Fridays and Saturdays until the end of October. We will be closed from now on throughout the winter, but will open again the first weekend in May of 2019. We want to encourage anyone who might have some history or artifacts to share with the museum or would like to visit during the winter season, to please contact Sharon Youngman at (989-352-7304).

Submitted by Sharon Youngman

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