5. Book Spotlight The Mentor by Chloe Sunstone

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Can Workplace Bullying Lead to Murder? The Mentor by Chloe Sunstone explores a fictional world where corporate malfeasance leads to murder and mayhem.

When brilliant, but socially awkward software engineer Arthur Cracknel is given the opportunity to mentor a beautiful intern named Sage Gonzalez, he never anticipates they’ll be thrust into a dark world of rampant corruption, unspeakable revenge, and murder.

With the help of his own mentor, Domenic Griffin, Arthur must protect himself and Sage while unraveling the secrets lurking beneath the corporate veil.

In a world full of malicious forces, can Arthur emerge unscathed, or will he be towed under the wave of deceit and wickedness to become just another victim?

Chloe SunstoneBiography:

Growing up an avid murder mystery reader, I always yearned to write a novel. Instead, my pragmatic/ “I Need Money Now” side won out. I built a respectable career in Human Resources…but always longed for more!

After over twenty years in HR, I sprinted back to my first love, writing. I've leveraged my corporate experience to write compelling mysteries that explore the most sinister side of the corporate veil. My first book, The Mentor, was recently released. My second book, The Hire, will be released late in 2018.

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