1. LCWC Reopening!


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We are happy to announce that after being closed for the past 6 months due to the COVID19 pandemic, we will reopen LCWC soon!

We would like to thank those of our members who continued to pay their membership fees throughout this time. Every dollar received was needed. This helped us to be able to pay bills that continued to come due throughout the six-month closure. We are also grateful for our business relationship with Spectrum Health. As an essential part of good health, Spectrum Physical Therapy remained open to serve those recovering from surgery or injuries and continues to do so.

The ball is now in OUR court. We must do everything we can to keep our membership safe so we can stay open and help our community stay in good health.

To provide a safe reopen/ stay open of LCWC we will follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC and State of Michigan Health Department. To do this we will need to implement some new steps in our regular process. These may be similar to changes you have experienced elsewhere in the past three months but there will a few additional steps and changes to our regular operation.

Upon entering the building all guests/members will be asked basic questions regarding their health and recent contact with others.

We ask you to PLEASE stay home if you:

have you been outside the state or country in the past 14 days

have had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 in the past 14 days

if you have had ANY of the following,

*Fever greater than 100 degrees

*Difficulty Breathing


*Sore Throat

*Diarrhea/Digestive Issues

*Engaged in risky group situations

Everyone must wear a mask into the building.

We need to maintain 25% capacity or less and so initially Members Only will be allowed until we can gauge the of number of folks who will participate in gym activity at this time. This will assure that regular members have the first opportunity to attend LCWC and get their workout in.

Upon entering the lobby each person must wear a face mask and will be provided hand sanitizer to assure clean hands coming into the building. Sanitizer is also available throughout the facility-please use it freely. If you need a break from the mask, please step outside for a bit.

If you have breathing difficulties a gym may not be the best place for you right now and we hope that you will consider that and come back when things are safer.

If you had a membership that you continued to pay for during shut down, or if you had a paid in full membership, you have that time coming to you and it will be honored. Many memberships have expired after six months so you may have new paperwork to complete, so please be prepared for that.

Remember to stay 6 feet away! This may be difficult for many of us who have not seen each other for so long. I know its going to be difficult for myself not hugging many of you! We have missed you a lot!

Sneeze guards have been placed on the front desk counters to protect employees and members during transactions.

Pens will be sanitized following use before returning to the clean bin as well as pool noodles once the pool re-opens.

You will notice that some furniture has been removed from the lobby because it was not possible to sanitize it between use. Magazines and papers have also been removed. Benches have been placed instead for members needing to sit while changing footwear.

Markers have been placed on the floor to signify and remind folks to maintain at least six feet separation, but they are not everywhere so please keep the distance in mind as you move about the facility.

Our treadmills will be distanced by 6 feet or more and the direction of the treadmills will face away from other members. Most equipment in the General Wellness Area is spaced 6 feet apart or more but we ask that if you keep a piece of equipment between you and other members.

When we start classes, they will be by reservation only unless it is an outdoor class. Regretfully the pool will not be open yet. Opening the pool to the public will be delayed until Oct after we have had a chance to open the general wellness and classes. Indoor class sizes will be limited to 5-6 people to allow enough spacing and again classes will be for members only at this time no “drop in” indoor classes. Outdoor classes will be the only exception for “drop ins” and 6+ feet or more spacing will still be mandatory in outdoor classes as well.

Due to the size of our Locker Rooms, they will be for restroom use only. Members should arrive dressed and ready to work out and showers should be taken at home.

If you use a locker, the locker must be sanitized once items are removed so we suggest using a gym bag. No overnight locker storage is currently available.

BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLES. Drinking fountains will not be in use and Members should bring their own water bottles at this time.

ALSO …BRING YOUR OWN SWEAT TOWEL PLEASE. You’ve heard about PPE shortage right? and well, shortages everywhere? We are having trouble finding Clorox wipes. If they are not available please use paper towel for wiping down machines and please be extra diligent in wiping down any equipment you have used. Although we have always had hand sanitizer stations and Clorox Wipes throughout the facility; these items are difficult to find right now. The cleaner we are using in spray bottles is an acceptable cleaner and meets EPA standards BUT, IT HAS TO BE USED TO KILL THE BACTERIA AND VIRUS. Our staff will also be cleaning machines regularly.

Our disinfectant spray bottles are available in extra locations so that members will not need to travel to far to grab what they need to wipe down equipment. We encourage members to stop and wash or sanitize their hands frequently during their work out.

We will not be at LCWC to answer the phone or questions until we open on September 21, but please call with any questions before coming in that day.

We plan to open September 21, at 9 AM. As of September 22, we plan to be open regular hours. M-Thursday 5:30 AM until 8 PM, Friday 5:30 AM until 6 PM and Saturday, 8 AM until 1PM. We are closed on Sunday. We will keep you updated regarding the pool and when it will reopen.

We know this is all very different for each of us, but WE ARE STRONG of body and mind. We are folks who can work through all of this and be stronger for it in the end. When life gets tough, remember that we can handle so much more than we ever thought we could. WE CAN DO THIS!

“A hero is an individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Christopher Reeve

We can’t wait to see you - SOON!


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